About SDRS


The South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS) provides a foundation for the financial future of over 79,000 members and their families. Its mission is to give members "... the opportunity to achieve financial security at retirement, death or disability by providing an outstanding, appropriate and equitable level of benefits."

The system's income replacement goal is to provide lifetime income replacement from SDRS resources of at least 55 percent of final average compensation for members who participate for a full career.

SDRS recommends total income replacement goal for members of at least 85 percent of final average compensation, including income from SDRS, Social Security and personal retirement savings of at least one time annual compensation at retirement.

The success of SDRS can mean the difference between retirees who are financially self-sufficient and those who must struggle to support themselves.

The heart of the system — the means of providing quality benefits — is the SDRS Trust Fund. This pool of money is created by the contributions of both members and employers and supported by the investment earnings on the fund.

These members include:

  • Teachers, administrative and classified employees of South Dakota public school districts
  • Legislative, executive and judicial branch employees of the state of South Dakota
  • Faculty, administrative and classified employees of the South Dakota Board of Regents
  • South Dakota municipal employees
  • South Dakota county employees

In all, over 470 distinct units of government and their employees contribute to the SDRS Trust Fund. This diversity of employees and employers makes the legal mandate that the trust fund be used for "the exclusive benefit of members and their beneficiaries" a fundamental tenet of the system.


SDRS Highlights for Fiscal Year 2014

Total number of members: 79,505
Number of members who received a benefit: 24,562
Net position restricted for pension benefits: $10.6 billion
Amount of benefits paid to members: $425.8 million

Investment return-Gross of fees:

Investment return-Net of fees:

19.32 percent

18.9 percent

Funded Ratio-Market Value: 

Funded Ratio-Actuarial Value:

107.3 percent

100 percent