Announcements & Notes



2010 Summary of Legislative Changes

A quick reference guide regarding Retirees returning to work, Optional Spouse Coverage, Refund of Contributions, and Cost-of-Living ... more


2009 Legislature Ends

The South Dakota Retirement System Board of Trustees proposed three pieces of legislation to the 2009 Legislature. ....more


2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
A comprehensive report of the system containing financial, actuarial, investment and statistical summaries. .... more


Market Downturn

Recent market performance has shaken Wall Street as well as Main Street. As investment returns plunge and stock values evaporate, the dramatic ... more


My SDRS Updated with Formula Improvement
By logging in through My SDRS, the secure members-only section of the SDRS Web site, members can use the calculator to help plan for ... more


The office for the SDRS-SRP (Supplemental Retirement Plan) has moved!

Effective October 29, 2007, the SDRS-SRP is conveniently located in the same office as the South Dakota Retirement System at 222 E Capitol, Suite 8, ... more


Long Term Care Partnership Program
The Long-Term Care Partnership Program is a public-private partnership designed to offer individuals information on quality, affordable long-term ... more


SDRS SRP reduces Costs, Adds Incentives to Encourage Personal Retirement Savings

The South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS) continues to provide secure retirement benefits to public employees in South Dakota. In order to enhance ... more


2007 Funded Status Report

We are pleased to report that the funded status of the South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS) as of the latest actuarial valuation date of June 30, ... more


Individual Retirement Counseling

The earlier you begin planning for your retirement, the broader and more flexible your options will be. To help you in this process, SDRS retirement ... more


Personal Benefits Statement

SDRS members will receive their Personal Benefits Statement for the year ending June 30, 2006, during the last week in August. The statement this ... more


Changes to the Special Pay Plan

Two adjustments have been made to the Special Pay Plan to make it available for more members! For additional information click on the document ... more


SDRS Introduces

SDRS is pleased to announce “My SDRS”.

    This is a secure “read only” site where members can access their personal information such as beneficiary ... more