SDRS Benefits Calculator
(Calculator for retiring after July 1, 2008.)

The SDRS benefit calculator is an invaluable tool in your retirement planning. The calculator allows you to anticipate the effect various retirement dates, years of credited service and final average salaries will have on your monthly SDRS benefit. If you have both Class A and Class B credited service, calculate each service separately and add the results together.

Benefit Calculator
1. Choose one of the following types of credited service:

2. Enter the month and four-digit year you were born: month year

3. Enter the month and four digit year of your last pay date before retirement: month year

4. Enter the month and four digit year you plan to begin drawing retirement benefits: month year

5. Enter the amount of credited service you have prior to July 1, 2008: months years

6. Enter the amount of credited service you will have after July 1, 2008: months years

7. Enter your final average salary: $

8. Calculate ->

Your Monthly SDRS Lifetime Retirement Benefit:


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This page is for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee this information to be correct.   If you plan to retire within the next 12 months, contact a Retirement Specialist at SDRS for a more accurate estimate.  This estimate assumes you continue to make contributions until the month and year you specified as your last pay date before retirement. The monthly benefit shown is in today's dollars (based on the salary you entered as your annual salary for the last 12 months). Your actual benefit will be based on your final average salary, which is the highest 12 consecutive calendar quarters during your last forty calendar quarters of membership, subject to limitations. If your final average salary is higher, your monthly benefit will also be higher. If your monthly benefit estimate exceeds $7,200, you may be affected by the IRS maximum benefit limitations. Please consult SDRS in this event for further details.