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How do I log in to "My SDRS"?

a. On the left hand side of the SDRS website page(s), click on “New Registration for MY SDRS Personal Information”, which will take you to the Registration Page.

b. You must then enter the following type of registration information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address (Optional, but will provide quicker confirmation and access to site).
  • Select a Password
  • Choose a Challenge Question
  • Provide an answer to Your Challenge Question

When all fields have been completed, click on the Submit button, which will take you to the Successfully Submitted page.

c. The Successfully Submitted page is your confirmation page whereas the system will confirm your SDRS ID number and Password and you will have access to your SDRS personal information (My SDRS).

d. Confirmation of your registration will also be sent to your email address. Please safeguard your SDRS ID number and your Password for future use. Remember, “My SDRS Personal Information” is a secure “read only” site and you will be required to use your SDRS ID and Password for all future access to this information.

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Is there an alternative option to the registration online process to access “My SDRS Personal Information”?
For a member to access their personal information through the use of the “My SDRS Personal Information” website, a member must use the online registration process.

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I registered to use “My SDRS Personal Information”, but I have forgotten my SDRS ID Number. How can I get another?
You must contact SDRS. If you inquire by phone, SDRS staff will require you to answer a series of questions in order to verify your identity, then provide you with your SDRS ID number.

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I have forgotten my Password for gaining access to the SDRS website “My SDRS Personal Information”. How can I get another?
On the left hand side of the SDRS home page click on “Forgot your password”. On the Forgotten Password page you will need to:

  • enter your SDRS ID number
  • select your challenge question
  • type in your challenge question answer

Upon successfully completing the information click on the Submit button. This will automatically send your request to SDRS and SDRS will notify you of your password. For security purposes SDRS will send your password to your email address of record. Email notification should be instantaneous.

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I have received a notice from SDRS that confirms my registration to “My SDRS Personal Information”, but I have not registered. What should I do?
Please contact SDRS immediately at 1.888.605.SDRS or 605.773.3731 to report this situation.

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My email address is no longer correct – how can I change it?
You can change your email address by using the Change Profile page.

a. Please login to “My SDRS” by using your SDRS ID number and your Password (normal process).
b. The next page is the welcome page. At the bottom of this page click on the “Change Profile” button. This will take you to the change profile page.
c. On the Change Profile page you can make changes to your email address and/or your challenge question/answer and/or your password.

Upon completing the information click on the “Change Profile Information” button. This will automatically update SDRS records and the system will recognize your new changes. Please make note of and safeguard all changes made for use the next time you visit the site.

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What percent of my present working income can I expect to receive from SDRS when I retire?
Assuming you have 30 or more years of credited service in SDRS, your SDRS benefit can be expected to replace approximately 50 percent of your final average compensation. For overall retirement planning, your total income replacement percentage, including SDRS, Primary Social Security, and additional personal savings, should be at least 85 percent of your final average compensation.

For more information on how SDRS benefits are calculated go to the: SDRS benefit calculator.

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What's the process for improving SDRS benefits?
The SDRS Board of Trustees is the starting point for proposals that will improve SDRS benefits. A proposed benefit improvement must be:

  1. Approved by the SDRS Board for its "Member Issue File"
  2. Selected as a part of the SDRS Board's legislative package
  3. Passed by the Legislature's Retirement Laws Committee
  4. Passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate
  5. Signed by the Governor

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What number should I call to get retirement planning help from Social Security?
Call 800.772.1213. You can also visit their Web site at

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How can I get help in planning for my retirement?
The place to start is by signing up for a session with an SDRS retirement planner. Planners travel across the state offering evening sessions consisting of both group presentations and one-on-one retirement counseling. They will show you SDRS's planning tools and how to use them. These services are provided without a fee. Click here for SDRS member training programs.


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Can members of SDRS still purchase prior service and what is the cost?

Current contributing members may purchase time worked for qualifying employment into their existing SDRS member service. Currently, the time purchased will either be tied to an existing SD state employer or other qualified state or federal employment, or a member with over five years of contributory service may purchase up to 5 years of non-qualified service. Finance methods can consist of lump-sum payment, Trustee-to-Trustee transfers, and monthly or bi-monthly payroll payments. For your eligibility requirements, please contact SDRS.

Effective July 1, 2004, your cost to purchase credited service depends on your age at the time of purchase. The cost is an actuarially determined percentage of your current salary or your final average compensation, whichever is higher.

To determine your individual cost of purchase, please go to the SDRS Purchase Calculator. You may also refer to the age-based purchase tables in your SDRS benefit booklets, or you may go to the SDRS website and visit the SDRS Purchase Calculator. This is designed to provide you with an estimate of your purchase.

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I am retired but my spouse is still working and only 57 years old. If I die, will my spouse immediately begin receiving a survivor's benefit, or will my spouse have to wait until age 65?
Since you are retired, your eligible spouse would begin receiving a surviving spouse benefit immediately upon your death, regardless of your spouse’s age or retirement status. To be eligible, a surviving spouse must have been married to the member before the member retires, and the marriage must have occurred at least 12 months prior to the member’s death.

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